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Welcome to Code Line Counter Pro - COBOL Version

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Quick Start of Code Line Counter Pro - COBOL Version

1) Go to Counter Section, Select your COBOL project Directory, as Figure 1 shows

Select Path ScreenShot

Figure 1 Select Source Directory

2) Click Count Button to count your COBOL project, as Figure 2 shows

Count ScreenShot

Figure 2 Click Count Button

3) And then, the current code report, as Figures 3 shows

The Current Report ScreenShot

Figure 3 The Current Report

4) Click Save Button to save the current report, as Figure 4 shows

Click Save Button ScreenShot

Figure 4 Click Save Button

5) And then, the existing report list, as Figure 5 shows

Save Report ScreenShot

Figure 5 Existing Report List


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